Rear Admiral Azhar Mahmood SI(M)

Commandant Message

"Pakistan Navy War College (PNWC) has come of age. As premier institute of Pakistan Navy, the College has provided top class professional and academic tutelage to mid-career officers of Pakistan Navy, Army, Air force and friendly navies since 1971. In 1995-96, PNWC was moved to Lahore with the contemplated aim of improving understanding on the national maritime sector and spreading naval knowledge in the country’s most populous Province, Punjab. It is from here that bulk of manpower for the armed forces is drawn. The College has since integrated with local academia and continues to advance the cause of maritime outreach. In October 2014, a custom designed building of the College was inaugurated at the Naval Complex, Walton, Lahore, the provincial metropolis of Punjab. The imposing edifice houses cutting edge training and allied facilities including a war gaming simulator and a large modern Library to provide an enabling and conducive learning environment. A top-class faculty lead by my Chief Instructor continuously steers the course participants during their 45 weeks long studies. Sustained effort is applied to ensure that students remain abreast with all regional and global maritime and National security related developments. The curriculum is examined at regular intervals and suitably reconfigured to provide requisite directed learning in line with contemporary needs. In December 2019, Pakistan Navy inaugurated a Maritime Centre of Excellence (MCE) on the premises of PNWC. It is another effort towards advancing outreach. The MCE has since fused practitioners and academics research work to produce quality novel studies on maritime security and allied national issues.

As the cradle of future naval leadership, I am fully cognizant of the pivotal role and responsibility entrusted to Pakistan Navy War College. Pursuant to the Vision of Pakistan Navy, PNWC is committed to serve as an icon of pride and learning for present and future generations of officers from all three services of Pakistan as well as friendly navies."

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