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Pakistan Navy Staff Course (PNSC)

Pakistan Navy Staff Course (PNSC) is currently the lead course held every year at PNWC. The course aims at preparing officers for higher Command and Staff appointments in respective services and (or) countries. PNSC commences in August each year and culminates in June following year. The course programme is a rigorous undertaking extending over three semesters (44 weeks) with two short breaks in between. Each participant must earn a minimum of 60 credit hours to be eligible for award of Masters (war studies) conferred by National Defence University, Islamabad. The curriculum involves intense professional, academic and research based work over and above war gaming modules. The participants are also exposed to in-country study tours to various strategic, military and industrial organisations. A short overseas study tour to selected countries also constitutes part of the course activities.

Pakistan Navy Correspondence Course (PNCSC)

Pakistan Navy Staff Correspondence Course (PNSCC) is a specially configured course. It is designed for officers of Pakistan Navy, who for reasons of some service exigency or otherwise are unable to avail regular Staff Course (PNSC). The duration of PNSCC is 26 weeks. The course is segregated in two distinct phases, the Correspondence and the Residency phase. In the former phase, participants while remaining involved in their present appointments are required to complete time bound assignments. In the Residency phase, the participants stay at the College campus and are exposed to various professional and academic activities.

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