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Pakistan Navy War College Library aims to provide PN Staff Course members and faculty with state of the art research, academic and literary facilities. The staff course curriculum necessitates the members to consult and read books, journals periodicals etc. in the execution of their schemes and other research intensive assignments. PNWC Library accordingly assists the course participants in pursuit of their studies and temporal growth. The Library rules have been framed to ensure that the facilities in the Library are managed efficiently and are conveniently available to all course participants. There are currently around 17,000 books besides hundreds e-books on varied disciplines.� There range from military studies, maritime strategy to international, regional, security, political, domestic and host of other disciplines including reference books. �Additionally, a range of periodicals, magazines and newspapers are readily available. A locally developed Library Information and Management System (LIMS) and Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) facilitates administration and easy access to available publications in the Library. Individual Research Papers contributed by staff course participants are also available for ready reference or consultation. � The Library can house around 200 people at any one time.� It has adequate arrangements all around and there are 19 exclusive study Carrel/Workstations as well.

Future Projects

Archive section

A separate section for preservation of archives is planned in short term.� The section will have thesis, magazines, old newspaper and weeded out books etc.� The section will also preserve any material, document or useful historical data obtained from individuals or other sources from time to time. �Special shelves will be available for this archival section.

Periodical Section

This section will be used to procure, maintain and arrange periodicals. In addition it will also be used to maintain press clippings (soft copies) from national dailies.�

Binding Section

A short term project, section will have appropriate equipment /machines for binding IRPs and other important documents.

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