Ethical Guidelines for the Author(s)

To ensure ethical publishing practices, it is necessary for all author(s) to comply with the guidelines listed below. Any violation of these guidelines may result in penalties imposed by the editor, which may include the suspension or revocation of publishing privileges.

  • In order for others to replicate the results, the study publication should provide sufficient detail and references to the sources of information.
  • Inaccurate remarks are deemed unethical and are not acceptable.
  • Author(s) must submit a fully original work, including suitable citations to the words of others if they are utilized.
  • Plagiarism in any form is unethical publication behavior and is not tolerated.
  • If the manuscript has a similarity index of more than 19%, it will be left to the Editorial Board's judgment for the purposes of conditional acceptance, as per HEC regulation.

Note:“To ensure proper circulation of the article and its derivative works, authors may be asked to sign an agreement that grants the journal the necessary rights. This includes the right to publish translations or any other derivative works.”