Ex Commandants of PN War College

Capt Khan Hussan Zia Capt A H Bhombal Cdre Ahmad Waliullah Cdre I F Quadir
Cdre S I H Rizvi Cdre K M Alam Capt Muhammad Osman Cdre Zafar Shamsie
Cdre (then R/Adm) Sajjad Akbar Cdre Razi Ahmed Cdre Ahmad Tasnim Cdre Fasahat H Syed
Cdre Tariq Majeed Cdre (then R/Adm) Syed Wasi Haider Cdre S M K A Zaidi Cdre Sarfraz Khan
Cdre M A Khalid Rear Admiral Syed Afzal SI(M) Cdre M Arshad Hussain SI(M) Rear Admiral Agha Danish SI(M)
Cdre M Fahim Khan SI(M) Cdre Tahseen ullah Khan SI(M) Cdre K H B Saddique SI(M) Cdre Farrokh Ahmad SI(M)
Rear Admiral Syed Bashir Ahmad HI(M) Rear Admiral Kaleem Shaukat HI(M) Rear Admiral Abdul Aleem HI(M) Rear Admiral M Amjad Khan Niazi HI(M) S Bt
Rear Admiral Moazzam Ilyas HI(M) Rear Admiral Naveed Ahmed HI(M) Rear Admiral Zahid Ilyas HI(M) S Bt Rear Admiral M Zubair Shafique HI(M)
Rear Admiral Shifaat Ali Khan SI(M) Rear Admiral Javaid Iqbal HI(M)

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