Aims & Objectives


The Beacon Journal is a scholarly publication that aims to promote policy relevant research on key issues related to international security, maritime security, regional peace and stability and conflict resolution. The research published in the journal covers a wide range of security related topics including traditional issues of war and conflict as well as emerging dimensions of non-traditional security including economy, climate change, humanitarian, and emerging technology related issues. The Beacon Journal encourages multi-disciplinary research that addresses the complex multi-dimensional nature of contemporary security issues.

The Beacon Journal provides a platform for scholarly exchange and discussion, with the ultimate goal of improving understanding and promoting effective policy-making on relevant issues. To achieve its aims, The Beacon Journal accepts research-based articles that are conceptually reasoned and provide new insights into current issues in the aforementioned fields. It invites scholars, academicians, and policy-makers to present their research findings and contribute to existing body of knowledge. To ensure impartiality, the journal maintains a rigorous peer-review process, which includes initial editor screening and anonymous or blind review by external specialists in the subject area, to ensure the quality and relevance of articles published.